Lee County Women's Tennis League

"Promoting Tennis in Lee County since 1978"

IMPORTANT: YOU MAY NOT BE ABLE TO ACCESS THE SYSTEM FOR SCORE ENTRY AND OTHER ACTIVITIES ON TUESDAY MARCH 26 AFTER 2PM - MIDNIGHT. We suggest Captains for all Tuesday and Wednesday matches prepare score sheets on Monday. Our service provider is doing background service maintenance and there may be times when the system will be inaccessible. We apologize for any inconvenience, but this is beyond our control. This message will be removed when the time period has passed.

Board meeting Tuesday, April 2, at 2.30 pm


****CAPTAINS: If any matches are rained out over the next two weeks, please try to get them re-scheduled and completed as soon as possible. Please let your division officers, the director and webmaster know of any matches that go beyond the March 31, 2019 last date of play. Thank you. ***

Click here to see End of Season Events

Click on the links below to access the 2019-2020 By-Law Amendments, Rule Amendments, and Housekeeping Changes. Note that the Team Requirements rule change passed and that for the 2019-2020 season ALL teams REQUIRE at least TWO players on rating for the division. This is now a requirement for Senior teams.

2019-2020 By Law Amendments

2019-2020 Rule Amendments

2019-2020 House Keeping Changes



Please be very diligent when exchanging line-ups and recording scores.

****If you do NOT receive an email asking you to verify a match please go in and do so. Use Scores/Results > Verify Match and enter the correct visiting team and week number. ****

***No new players can be added to any team at this time.***

What you need to know

Score Entry

Click this button to request a score entry correction.

Score Entry email to the Web team

The Webteam will correct score entry errors. When the correction is made, an email is automatically sent to the relevant captains so you can verify the correction.

Please read the following to help you:



Going Forward Plantation SOMERSET home matches will ALL start at 11.30 a.m. Captains should confirm times.

The online schedules are correct. There have been some changes since the book went to print.

In November there were some time changes for Nickel and Silver matches at FMRC, Captains please review the schedules.

As a courtesy, home captains should call visiting captains and confirm start times. Refer all questions to your Division President.

Troubleshooting Email Issues

Some AOL, Hotmail, and Yahoo email addresses have issues receiving emails from lcwtl5.com. We are not receiving any messages that tell us that our emails have NOT sent. Please review Chapter 5- Going Around Spam Filters at www.htmlemailguide.com/table-of-contents

Consider adding donotreply@lcwtl5.com to your contacts list, or safe senders list to help with email issues from our server.


Division Officers

Division officers should consider scheduling the Winter meeting now. The Winter meeting should be scheduled after the February Board meeting so you can discuss any possible rule changes with your captains.

Information for New Officers

You can choose "New Players this Season" from the Teams/Players tab to see the players who are new to the LCWTL this season. Note that some names may be familiar as they may have played in the LCWTL at least two years ago, but if they have re-rated this year we are treating them as new players


Adding, Deleting, Transferring Players

Please use Form 8 when you add, delete or transfer players  on teams. Remember to add NEW players to the database first. See information under Players.

Information you may find helpful:


All NEW players NEED to Create/Change their Player account.

Read these instructions to help you.

Click here to access your Personal Match history, or access it from the Team/Players menu. You need a Personal Player Account to do this.

Be sure to fill out and carry the Medical Emergency Form with you to all tennis matches.

Adding New Players to the LCWTL and Name Changes

Send an email to the LCWTL Data Coordinator to add a new player to the database. Send the players' name and her rating. The player adds her telephone number, date of birth, and signs the aggreement in her Personal Player Account. You can also send any spelling corrections. A player can correct her own telephone numbers under Personal Player Account.



Meetings and Minutes

LCWTL Board Meetings are held the first Tuesday of the month, October to May. The date changes to a link when the minutes are posted.

Meeting Dates



The LCWTL Yearbook is provided to all players who are registered by August 1. Below you will find the up to date Yearbook, in sections, so you may print it easily. The LCWTL By Laws are also posted here.

2018-2019 LCWTL By Laws

2018-2019 LCWTL Rules and Regulations

On Court Rules

Coman Tiebreak

Schedules .pdf format (updated 12/2/2018)

Player's Creed

"The game of tennis requires cooperation and courtesy and places the responsibility for fair play on each player.

As a member of the Lee County Women's Tennis League, I will abide by this concept and by the rules of the game and compete with the true spirit of sportsmanship, always giving the benefit of the doubt to my opponents.

WIN or LOSE, I will conduct myself in a way that HONORS my opponents, my team, those who support me, and the game of TENNIS."