Lee County Women's Tennis League

"Promoting Tennis in Lee County since 1978"

2019-2020 Season.

Division Officers: Next Board meeting Tuesday, March 3, 2020, at 2.30 pm. at Robb & Stucky.




Please use the email address and password you have in your Personal Player Account to Log in to enter scores and request roster changes.

New players may be added after May 1, 2020.

Information you may find helpful:

Score Entry

Score Entry Corrections

Home team captain's shall enter scores by 6pm on match day.

Always enter scores for Retirements EXACTLY as they are at the time of the retirement.

To correct errors, either click the link above to send an email to the webteam or email webmaster@lcwtl5.com directly. Copy your VP, and both captains and include the Match ID, Division, both Home and Away Club/Team Names, Match Date, Week Number, and the correction required.

Please remember to VERIFY matches, including corrections within 72 hours of match play.

Division Officers

New players may be added after May 1, 2020.

Information for New Officers

You can choose "New Players this Season" from the Teams/Players tab to see the players who are new to the LCWTL this season. Note that some names may be familiar as they may have played in the LCWTL at least two years ago, but if they have re-rated this year we are treating them as new players.



Be sure to fill out and carry the Medical Emergency Form with you to all tennis matches.

All NEW players NEED to Create/Change their Player account, enter their telephone number, birthdate and sign the agreement.

You are not eligible to be placed on a team until this is completed.

Read these instructions to help you.


You can see all ratings under the link Players with Ratings under the Team/Players menu.

Click here to access your Personal Match history, or access it from the Team/Players menu.

If you have forgotten your password, go to Create/Change Personal Player Account and either Click on "Forgotten my Password" or "Change my Password".


You can check your schedule under the Schedules tab (posted 8/7/2019).

You can choose a division and team and see the schedule or you can choose a division and week number to see all matches for that week.

Please contact the Director and Scheduler with any concerns.


Adding New Players to the LCWTL and Name Changes

Send an email to the LCWTL Data Coordinator to add a new player to the database. Send the players' name and her rating. The player adds her telephone number, date of birth, and signs the agreement in her Personal Player Account. You can also send any spelling corrections. A player can correct her own telephone numbers under Personal Player Account.


The list of appealed players can be found under Teams/Players. Click on Players with Current Appeals.

If you need to request a Medical Rating Adjustment use Form 7 - Medical Rating Adjustments and submit it to the director by October 1.

Click on the link above to download the form.

Troubleshooting Email Issues

Some AOL, Hotmail, and Yahoo email addresses have issues receiving emails from lcwtl5.com. We are not receiving any messages that tell us that our emails have NOT sent. Please review Chapter 5- Going Around Spam Filters at www.htmlemailguide.com/table-of-contents

Consider adding donotreply@lcwtl5.com to your contacts list, or safe senders list to help with email issues from our server.

Meetings and Minutes

LCWTL Board Meetings are held the first Tuesday of the month, October to May. The date changes to a link when the minutes are posted.

Meeting Dates

Click here to read the minutes from the Meeting with Area Professionals.


The LCWTL Yearbook (revised April 2019) is provided to all players who are registered by August 1. Below you will find the up to date Yearbook, in sections, so you may print it easily. The LCWTL By Laws are also posted here.

LCWTL By Laws (Revised April 2019)

2019-2020 LCWTL Rules and Regulations

On Court Rules (Revised April 2019)

Coman Tiebreak

Player's Creed

"The game of tennis requires cooperation and courtesy and places the responsibility for fair play on each player.

As a member of the Lee County Women's Tennis League, I will abide by this concept and by the rules of the game and compete with the true spirit of sportsmanship, always giving the benefit of the doubt to my opponents.

WIN or LOSE, I will conduct myself in a way that HONORS my opponents, my team, those who support me, and the game of TENNIS."