Lee County Women's Tennis League

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Check For Legal Ratings



The following players are playing in the wrong division according to their rating.  They may have been  awarded an Appeal  or given Special Consideration  by the director.

Please contact the appropriate Division Officer or the Director if you have questions.

 Player Name IDPlayer NameTeam NameDivisionMin Rating For This DivisionMax Rating For This DivisionCurrent Rating For This Player
1 06593LCWTLFeist,VickiPelican Landing3.
2 06637LCWTLLarson,JaniceLexington4.0 Minus3.5 minus4.0 minus4.0
3 04457LCWTLNuqui,JosiePelican Preserve3.5 Minus3.0 minus3.5 minus3.5
4 07066LCWTLTauscheck,WendyLegends4.0 Minus3.5 minus4.0 minus4.0
5 06379LCWTLZimmer,ShellyPaseo3.
6 06379LCWTLZimmer,ShellyPaseoSilver3.03.54.0-

To play in any division, a player’s rating must be

GREATER than or Equal to the Minimum Rating for the division


LESS than or Equal to the Maximum Rating for the division.