Lee County Women's Tennis League

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About the LCWTL Website

The LCWTL Website is an interactive website that keeps you up to date with League information,  lets you look up all our rules and regulations, the current teams in the league, current results and standings.

You may only come to this site to add players to teams, or to enter and verify scores. However, there is a lot of information that requires a lot of links and it is worth your time to "click around" and investigate. If you are not supposed to go there, you will be "blocked" by password protection.

This page is a quick overview of the navigation buttons at the top of the page.

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How to Use the Information you see:

Many of the lists you see on the screen can be displayed in an order you prefer by "clicking" the column header. This action immediately sorts the information based on what you have selected.

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Many links from the menu result in a new page opening in most browsers because the information is either a .pdf document, or information coming from the database that does not have the menu at the top.

In this instance the Home page does not close when you link to somewhere else.

About Us

Read about our League

Read about the History of the LCWTL

Access this page

Email the Executive Officers

Contact and learn about the League Officers

Contact and learn about the Division Officers

Access the list of current Captains and Co-Captains, with email addresses

Access some Frequently Asked Questions link to help solve any issues that occur.


Access information about players, their teams and their ratings.

Find out how to handle name changes and Add, delete, and transfer players.

Check the USTA rating of players and see the players who are able to play on appeal.

Note: Some links are password protected as they are available only to officers.


Enter and verify match scores

Find out division standing and results by Player, by Week, or by Division.

Find out past season's results.

Find subs before your match

Find out how often a player has subbed.


Access division schedules such that you can see who you are playing in a list.

This also lets you link to Club Information and to a Score Sheet online.

Access .pdf division schedules online


Access the Club and Facility Information that will provide Captains phone numbers and map directions.

Access Information to help Division Officers run a Division, and Captains to run team meetings.

Access rating and appeal information.

Access the USTA Friend at Court online

Access the Job Descriptions of the people who make this league happen.

Note: Scroll down the Home page to find all the Year book information.


These links are for the Website Administrators. Links are password protected.

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