Lee County Women's Tennis League

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Division: 3.0      Team: Paseo
 Player NamePlayer IDRatingCaptainCoCaptainAgreement signed
1 Alrich,Chris06511LCWTL3.0-  Yes
2 Brownlee,Deborah06687LCWTL3.0- yYes
3 Cooper,June06510LCWTL3.0  Yes
4 Gostomski,Beverly06526LCWTL3.0-  Yes
5 Housler,Kelly04978LCWTL3.0-  Yes
6 June,Barb06329LCWTL3.0-  Yes
7 Lines,Linda05477LCWTL3.0-y Yes
8 Martinsen,Suzanne06767LCWTL3.0  Yes
9 Medlin,Linda03891LCWTL3.0  Yes
10 Ripley,Linda06754LCWTL3.0-  Yes
11 Rizzo,Linda06062LCWTL3.0  Yes