Lee County Women's Tennis League

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Division: 3.0      Team: Heritage Palms
 Player NamePlayer IDRatingCaptainCoCaptainAgreement signed
1 Bauerschmidt,Sue03337LCWTL3.0  Yes
2 Bird,Sharon05419LCWTL3.0  Yes
3 Colicchio,Sheila06613LCWTL3.0  Yes
4 Digangi,Kim06273LCWTL3.0-  Yes
5 Dorcak,Marilyn01758LCWTL3.0-  Yes
6 Gosselin,Brenda06766LCWTL3.0  Yes
7 Hansen,Barb01832LCWTL3.0-  Yes
8 Hanson,Ruth03340LCWTL3.0  Yes
9 Hoit,Nancy05421LCWTL3.0- yYes
10 Renaud,Kathey05717LCWTL3.0y Yes