Lee County Women's Tennis League

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Division: 2.5      Team: Kelly Greens
 Player NamePlayer IDRatingCaptainCoCaptainAgreement signed
1 Brown,Ellen06746LCWTL2.5  Yes
2 Brown,Robin06923LCWTL2.5  Yes
3 Davis,Denise06899LCWTL2.5  Yes
4 Farrell,Sherry04519LCWTL2.5  Yes
5 Gansmiller,Marlene06769LCWTL2.5  Yes
6 Graham,Linda06530LCWTL2.5  Yes
7 Murray,Janet05566LCWTL2.5  Yes
8 Patrick,Terry05752LCWTL2.5-  Yes
9 Shillingford,Carol05676LCWTL2.5-  Yes
10 Terwilliger,Gwen06182LCWTL2.5 yYes
11 Willett,Peggy06184LCWTL2.5y Yes