Lee County Women's Tennis League

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Updated 7/15/2017


what you need to know

Division Officers

To easily check teams that have registered players in your division, click Display Registered Teams. Select your division. The top table shows the status of the teams that have registered the players. The bottom table shows all the teams in your division.

You will need to :

  • Register Players who have been awarded an appeal. Check Players with Current Appeals.
  • Correct any registration errors. Captains should send you a Form 8 with details.
Let the LCWTL Secretary know the date, time and location of your Fall meeting.

Player registration has ended until the Fall.

At this time all 221 teams have registered players.

We have:

  • 2065 playing on at least one team.
  • 1540 play on all rated teams.
  • 878 play on both a rated and a senior team
  • We have 174 NEW players.

This website will be unavailable to add/delete players until the Fall.

Any issues/concerns contact the Webmaster

All further additions, deletions, or transfers are done by your Division Secretary in late September/October. Email a completed Form 8 to her.

Click here to see 2017-2018 SEASON PLAYING DATES


The 2017-2018 executive officers are:

Director: Jill Denson

Associate Director: Kim Bauman

Secretary: Randi Ireland - send any new officer information to Randi.

Treasurer: Emalee Baldwin


Ratings are published. You may see your rating under Players with Ratings.

***When trying to access your password, make sure your email vendor recognizes DoNotReply@lcwtl5.com. (aol in particular). Also check your spam box up on your email server***


Read Form 26 to help you create a Personal Player Account, if you have not already done so. You will need this to view your Personal Match History.

Rules and By Laws

The 2017-2018 Rules and By Laws are available under the Information tab:

LCWTL Rules and Regulations

LCWTL By Laws .

Medical Appeals

Use Form 7 to file a Medical Appeal.

Any questions about appeals should be referred to the Director.


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