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Updated 12/2/2016


Happy Thanksgiving!

what you need to know


CAPTAINS: If you are using a sub, make sure she is legal. Team members should always play before a sub.

The software does not exclude non-seniors from the sub list on Senior teams as we do not collect ages.

The software does not check ( at this time) whether or not a player plays at two different clubs.

Board Meeting - December 6, 2016, 2.30, Robb and Stucky. Please contact the league secretary if you can not attend.

Click here to read the Score Entry Instructions using the interactive Score Sheet.

Get a blank score sheet here.



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Heat/Humidity Reminder:

Each player needs to be aware of her own individual tolerance for physical activity in high heat/humidity. It is the responsibility of each player to manage her own individual game and she should retire her match if she deems it necessary.

Please remember to stay hydrated!

Please also remember to use Form 12 to record your emergency information. Put it in a sealed envelope marked "in case of emergency" and leave it in your tennis bag.


Check your new Rating under the Teams/Registration tab. -Players with Ratings.

If you have not already done so, Create a Personal Player Account to access your Match History.

Read this information to help you create your Personal Player Account.

You can access your Match History under the Teams/Registration tab - Personal Match History OR

Click here to access your Personal Match History.

Browser Issues

If you are using Chrome as your browser and .doc files fail to open, try going to this link and installing the Docs Pdf/Powerpoint viewer(by Google). Scroll down the page to the third download. You may have problems printing from this, so it is always wise to save the file to your hard drive.

Medical Appeals

Use Form 7 to file a Medical Appeal.

Any questions about appeals should be referred to the Director.

New email addresses.

Use the links under the About Us tab to contact League and Division Officers.

Click here to send email to the Web team