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Page Updated 2/9/2016


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what you need to know

The Executive Board voted to take the following By-Law and Rules Proposals to a vote at the March meeting. All Captains are asked to review the Proposals below with their teams and send their teams vote to their division officers by March 1, 2016.

Division Officers will review these proposals at the Winter Captain Meeting.

By Law Proposals ( needs a 2/3 majority vote to pass)

Rules Proposals (needs a majority vote to pass)

On Court Rules ( part of Rules Proposals)

Housekeeping Changes ( no vote)

Click here to see the Winter Meeting Dates.

Reminder: You can not add any more players to teams for the 2015-2016 season.

To correct errors click here to send email to the Web team

Welcome to the 2015-2016 LCWTL Season.

Make up Matches

January 22, 2016 -Due to unusual rainy weather, any match scheduled to play during the month of January that has been canceled or interrupted due to rainy weather or court repair can be made up no later than Friday, February 19th.

Please complete these matches as soon as possible.

Player Passwords

Player Passwords have been distributed so that Players may access email and telephone numbers of Captains on certain pages on this website. Contact your division officers for information.

Playing Subs

The website has two features to help you find substitutes and to see how where and how often they have played.

Choose Scores/Results tab and then choose Find Subs. Log In as Captain and choose your division and team. The listing of available subs also displays the number of times they have subbed . If a sub has already played the maximum 6 times, the number is higlighted red. To play that person again would be illegal.

Another method, both useful for a Captain and a Division VP is the How often a Player has Subbed link, also under Scores and Results. This report shows players listed by Division. Click on the “Player Name" header to sort by name. The list now shows the players in alpha order, where they have subbed and how often.


When the Captains exchange the names on the Score Sheet, it is for the Total match and the lineup is complete. All 8 players' names are recorded by both Captains and the players go on court and start their warm up. As far as the captains are concerned the match for all positions has started.


Correcting Errors

Contact the website team when you want to correct score entry or email errors, or any issues with the website in general:

  1. Click here to send an email to Audrey, Beth and Elery.
  2. Copy your division officers/opposing captains
  3. In the Subject line put LCWTL < your division> , <team names>
  4. In the body of the email state the issue/problem you are having, with corrections. Include Match ID#.
  5. At the bottom sign your name, position in the league, and team
  6. Remember to "Reply All" if responding to questions, and include the copy of the original email.

Score Sheet

Click here to download a score sheet. When you open this score sheet in Microsoft Word, choose File> Save As and save it to your computer. You will not be able to edit this file until you save it.

Note: you can also access an online Score sheet by clicking on Team Schedules New, under the Schedules Menu tab. See more details below under New Features.