Lee County Women's Tennis League

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2018-2019 Season - What you need to know

Division Officers

The first LCWTL Board meeting is on October 2, 2018 at 2.30 at Robb and Stucky.

Division officers should schedule their Fall Captain's meeting prior to their season start time, also consider scheduling the Winter meeting now. The Winter meeting should be scheduled after the February Board meeting so you can discuss any possible rule changes with your captains.

Please send your Fall Meeting date to the League Secretary ASAP.

Click here to see the Fall Meeting Dates.

Division Officers and Captains

At this time players can NOT be added to teams until October. Captains will need to complete Form 8 and send it to their division Secretary to add/delete players.

The 2018-2019 Schedules are posted under the Schedule Menu link above. You can also access the .pdf version at the bottom of this page.

Players - Medical Rating Adjustment

Use Form 7 to file for a Medical Rating Adjustment. Any questions should be referred to the Director.The deadline for filing a medical appeal is October 1.


Click on the menu link above and choose division and team to check individual team schedules for home/away and bye dates.

Division Start Date - End date
Dynamo 10/16/18 - 3/26/19
4.0 10/18/18 - 3/28/19
4.0 minus 10/29/18 - 3/25/19
3.5 10/16/18 - 3/26/19
3.5 minus 10/17/18 - 3/27/19
3.0 10/15/18 - 3/25/19
3.0 minus 10/11/18 - 3/28/19
2.5 10/9/18 - 3/26/19
Platinum 10/15/18 - 3/25/19
Gold 11/2/18 - 3/22/19
Cobalt 10/17/18 - 3/27/19
Silver 11/2/18 - 3/22/19
Copper 10/25/18 - 3/28/19
Nickel 10/26/18 - 3/22/19
Bronze 10/31/18 - 3/20/19

Clubs and Team Information

Click on the club name to find contact information, or on the person listed to send email.

FMRC is under new management and is looking for teams to play there next season.The FMRC Nickel team is looking for players Contact Kathy Moran or Ann Stevens.

Heron's Glen is looking for 4.0 players, contact Barbara Callahan.

Plantation wants to add a second 2.5 team.

Gateway is having Cobalt, 4.0 minus, 3.5 minus, 3.0, and Copper and has some open spots.

Renaissance needs 3.5 players

Park Meadow is having a 3.0 minus team. Contact Renee Bassett at 239-560-2859.


Any player who does not have her phone number in her Personal Player Account will not be listed in the LCWTL book.

All NEW players NEED to Create/Change their Player account.

Read these instructions to help you.

Ratings are published. You may see all ratings under the link Players with Ratings under the Team/Players menu.

Click here to access your Personal Match history, or access it from the Team/Players menu. You need a Personal Player Account to do this.


New Players and Name Changes

Send an email to the LCWTL Data Coordinator to add a new player to the database. Send the players' name and her rating. The player adds her telephone number, date of birth, and signs the aggreement in her Personal Player Account. You can also send any spelling corrections. A player can correct her own telephone numbers under Personal Player Account.

Division Officers

Information for New Officers


Information you may find helpful:


Meetings and Minutes

LCWTL Board Meetings are held the first Tuesday of the month, October to May.

Meeting Dates Minutes
May 1, 2018 May 2018.pdf
Oct 2, 2018
Nov 6, 2018
Dec 4, 2018
Jan 8, 2019
Feb 5, 2019
Mar 5, 2019
Apr 2, 2019
May 7, 2019



The LCWTL Yearbook is provided to all players who are registered by August 1. Below you will find the up to date Yearbook, in sections, so you may print it easily. The LCWTL By Laws are also posted here.

2018-2019 LCWTL By Laws

2018-2019 LCWTL Rules and Regulations

On Court Rules

Coman Tiebreak

Schedules as in the book

Player's Creed

"The game of tennis requires cooperation and courtesy and places the responsibility for fair play on each player.

As a member of the Lee County Women's Tennis League, I will abide by this concept and by the rules of the game and compete with the true spirit of sportsmanship, always giving the benefit of the doubt to my opponents.

WIN or LOSE, I will conduct myself in a way that HONORS my opponents, my team, those who support me, and the game of TENNIS."